Language: Fon

  • ISO 693-2 Code: fon
  • Language family: Niger–Congo
  • Number of speakers: 4100000
  • Countries : Benin
  • Wikipedia link


Data_id Source No. of sentences MCD Quality Hrs Gender Download
fon_alf ALFFA 542 6.10 Okay 0.33 Male Download


synth_id data_id No. of sentences Hrs MCD base MCD rfs Quality Data Flite
fon_alf fon_alf 542 0.33 6.29 6.10 Bad Download Download

Listen to samples

Text: ye ɖo linkpɔn bɔ ayi yetɔn mɛ kpe lo bɔ ye ɖo na do alɔ yeɖee ɖi nɔvinɔvi ɖɔhun

Pronunciation: ""


Text: Acɛ, susu kpo sisi ɖokpo ɔ kpo wɛ gbɛtɔ bi ɖo ɖò gbɛwiwa tɔn hwenu

Pronunciation: ""


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